It Began With My Brother

In 2013, I lost my younger brother to a ruptured brain aneurysm. It isn't a story I talk about often. But it is a moment in my life that affected me profoundly. I spent months trying to find my way through the grief. Weighted down, I began searching for a way to cope. Then I found out shortly a good friend, Emily, had survived the very thing that took my brother. I reached out to her and we decided together that a portrait session displaying all the beauty that was inside her perfectly imperfect mind and body would make a huge impact on others. What neither of us realized is what an impact it would make on her or how it would help her cross over from depression into hope.


Documenting her story led to another story, that of Pamela, a 30 year old diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor. At the time I was living in Houston, Texas. I traveled from Houston to NYC to spend two days with Pamela and her husband upon their 1st wedding anniversary. Pamela found me on Instagram and wanted the world to know there is grace and hope even in the darkness of a terminal illness.

A third story is taking shape, that of Amber, a young mother from Nebraska diagnosed with Bipolar 1 disorder. I have known Amber for a great deal of my life. I was even a witness at her wedding to her first husband. Even so, I had no idea what was going on inside her tortured mind and body.




New York City



Coming soon

Each of these stories has led me closer and closer to grace. I carry them with me. My hope is that they help others find their way as well.


If you or someone you know is on your own journey of grief to grace, please reach out to me via the contact page, I would love to have the opportunity to tell your story, to help you find moments of clarity and to help others through their dark times.

This project is self-funded, with a little help from private donations. Each story is a collaboration, as I am sensitive to the nature of not only the subject but also those involved. Every single person who chooses to have me document your story will receive all images and video. Keep in mind, however, the project does require publication and release of your first name and general location as well as details of your condition. All stories are handled with the utmost care and sensitivity.