Tattered Hearts and Bloody Tongues

 A couple stands in Bryan Park kissing eachother goodbye.

You, the one who came in

Who took my breath away

Who stalked me and stalled me

In the middle of all my plans

Who derailed my train, sent me

Spinning out of control

Who came to me drunk

From wine and song

Who made me tear down

These walls, walls I couldn’t

Possibly rebuild again even if I tried

You, the one who baited me

Who begged me in the early

8 am light

You, who said I love you

Who gave me the permission

To feel, to be myself

Let all those words come

Tumbling out of my mouth

You and me, not me and you

Now I’m running, screaming

Afraid, a shower full of tears

Words biting the side part

Of my tongue

Thousands and thousands

Of words I want to say

Instead only silence

I don’t know how to tell


There are no walls to protect

Me, there are no buffers

Between the cracks

There is nothing to fill the time

There is nothing to fill in what


My remains, the remains

Of my tattered heart

And bloody tongue