Art Exploration

Frida Kahlo at The Brooklyn Museum

I spent the greater part of my Saturday at The Brooklyn Museum visiting a very long-awaited exhibit “Appearances Can Be Deceiving.” I had been trying for weeks to get tickets for often sold out exhibit and my persistence of constantly checking the website paid off.

Although we weren’t allowed to photograph the inner part of the exhibit itself, I managed to shoot some footage of the entrance.

The exhibit filled 3 main rooms and 2 rooms with videos. It included letters, photographs, newspaper articles, and her clothing, along with traditional artifacts associated with her time in Mexico. If you were looking for Frida’s artwork, this would not be the exhibit for you. There was very little of her work save a couple self portraits and several of her plaster corsets. What the exhibit did cover, however, was how her life intersected with those that surrounded her, how she rose to public fascination, and how she created her own persona through clothing, jewelry, and makeup.

I had never been to The Brooklyn Museum until Saturday. The museum is a beautiful space. It is open and inviting and I saw several people relaxing and enjoying the general energy of the space. I will definitely be back if not only to soak up the energy and to photograph the general public.