I live in Brooklyn, NY. A US Army veteran, I was attending Rose Bruford College as a distance honors student in Theatre Studies, when I dropped out to join a media group as a freelance photographer and journalist.


From 2005 to 2008, I documented the growing Omaha music scene as well as covering international musicians such as Evanescence, Finger Eleven, Chevelle, Sick Puppies and Flyleaf while on tour.

In 2009 I was nominated as an emerging artist in portraits and documentary for Blu Domain's Photographer of the Year program.

In 2010, I was featured on Inside Analog Photo Radio's popular film photography podcast. Soon after, I became the Chair of the Digital Communications Advisory Board for HCCS in 2014, advising on their multi-media graphics and photography curriculum. 

Beginning in 2015, I started focusing my photography and video work on the “hard stuff,” those moments in life where documentation is wanted and needed, but others may shy away from. From celebration of life to end of life. In 2017, I added mixed media and poetry writing to my offerings for clients.

Referred to as a master storyteller, my work explores the grief and grace found in everyday life, from the streets of the world around me to connecting one on one with those who have stories of hope and despair. 


CLIENT LIST: The Redstone Agency, Revenent Media (Evanescence, Chevelle, Finger Eleven, Flyleaf, Kill Hannah, Sickpuppies, In This Moment, Walls of Jericho, 36 Crazy Fists), Flurry, Red Number 9, Kill Bosby, University of Nebraska - Omaha, Charming Charlie, The Art Institute of Houston, NASA, Houston Community College, and CEMEX



2007 - A Retrospective - Houston, TX

2018 July 6th to August 31st - "Sleepyhead" - The Karpeles Manuscript Library Museum - Jacksonville, FL - Opening Reception: July 6th, 2018


2017 - Pancakes & Booze Show NYC

2017 - The Greenpoint Gallery Open Salon 

2017 - The Greenpoint Gallery Art Politico (Hon Mention Best in Show)

2017 - The Greenpoint Gallery Hon Mention Show (Featured Artist)


2017 - Streethunters Women Street Photographers You Should Follow

2017 - Feedspot Top 75 Street Photography Blogs & Websites For Street Photographers


January 8th, 2018 - Nuyorican Poets Cafe


2007 - Vibe Magazine

2010 - The Black Bars Magazine

2010 - Wine Spirits

2010 - Cigar Press

2017 - NYC-SPC Volume VI


2010 - Inside Analog Photo Radio Podcast

2016 - Fearless & Framed

2017 - The Phoblographer

2017 - The Candid Frame