Showing Up

 Balloons are tied to a sign on the street in Dumbo, Brooklyn, New York City.

Today I am going to talk about friends, family, loved ones, and patrons. Yes, you, the not-so-creative lovers of the arts. This one is for you. 

Creatives need you to show up. That's right. We need you to be there at every show, every event, every talk, every exhibit. We need it like we need air. When full time (or even part-time) creatives such as artists and photographers do what they do it isn't a hobby, it is our lifeblood. We pour every bit of anxiety and angst out into what we do with our craft. 

It's not enough to send a congrats text or comment on Facebook. It is definitely not enough to "like" a photo on Instagram. We need you to be there when we are have an existential crisis and we especially need you there when we hit a milestone. 

Creatives need celebrations too. We need someone to buy us a drink or a cup of coffee, to invite us to dinner. If we say "please come to dinner and celebrate with me" we need you to say yes. 

Showing up means you are there with us in the trenches fighting the good fight. When you hear a creative say "it's no big deal, I'm used to it" that's not a good sign. 

To those who continue to show up in my life. Thank you. You are the source of my energy. 

Show up. That's it. I know it's a big job but I also know you got this.