Grief & Grace Project

This project was born after I lost my brother without warning to ruptured brain aneurysm in 2013. Desperate with grief, I searched for a way to deal with the why and how of his death. I struggled with the fact that I was not there in the last years, months, and weeks of his life. And I was not there in his final hours.

I felt I had to do something to come through the grief and find my own path to grace. 

These stories are of people who have faced physical, medical, and mental hurdles. They have faced them with unimaginable strength. Some of the stories are of those who have beat the odds, who have come through the other side. While other stories are of those who accepted their last days with love.

And some of the stories are still to be continued, a reminder that our humanity is in a constant state of evolution. 



“I have an incredible life but didn’t realize this fact until it was almost too late.”


“Hello, I‘m a thirty year old diagnosed with GBM six months ago.”


"I am a wife and a mother, I have Bipolar I Disorder. I'm ready to end the stigma."