Street Photography: Why I Stopped Trying to Fit In

When I stopped trying to fit in and learned how to do what I love on my time and my way, I started learning what it was like to live and connect.


Does it sting when my male counterparts choose to bypass my work for group exhibition? Of course. Do I let it affect my goals and abilities as a street photographer? Never. If anything it makes me dig deeper, going below the surface and search for projects that carry weight and meaning.


No longer do I worry about being "liked." Instead I stay quiet and share my work at completion, thus resulting in a stronger body of work overall.


 My mind is clear of the trappings often associated with being a part of the "in" crowd. A clear mind results in a clear heart and a greater understanding of my subject.


I am woman and an artist who now values my own work, sees my own worth, and has a clear understanding of what I must do in terms of my passion for my craft.